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Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

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Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

Squeeky Clean uses a special process to remove mold, fungus, and stains from your roof. We use low pressure power washing technique to ensure no damage to the roof’s features, shingles or surface. Our cleaning system removes mildew, and fungal growth & destroys the spores that promote a breeding environment for recurrent growth. We have cleaned hundreds of roofs over the past years.

About Our Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is a specialized process that must be done by an expert. Using high pressure washing on your roof can damage singles, void your warrant and ruin your roof.

Will this void my roof warranty?

Squeeky Clean uses low pressure roof cleaning equipment and specialized cleaning agents that are approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association (ARMA Click to see technical bulletin) to eliminate algae, mildew stains, streaks, and dirt from shingles – all without damaging your roof.  The ARMA has recommended a process to clean asphalt roofing materials. Using this technique ensures that your warranty is not voided by improper cleaning chemicals and high pressure.

Will this help my roof that is turning black?

Airborne spores, that breed damaging fungal growth, eventually spread over your entire roof. This fungus grows on asphalt shingle roofs, slate, cedar roofs, wood roofs, shake roofs, etc. To replace a roof costs thousands of dollars or more, Low pressure cleaning is a cost effective technique to cleaning the roof. It’s safe, effective and a fraction of the cost to replace a roof.

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