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Paver Restoration

Published on January 17, 2013,


The Paver Restoration Experts.  Squeeky Clean Services specializes in the repair and restoration of all types of pavers.  We have experience replacing and matching most popular paver types -  EP Henry®, Rinox® but there are a multitude of paver types including: Brick Pavers, Concrete Pavers,  Stone Pavers, Granite Pavers, Travertine Pavers,  Cobblestones, Sandstone Pavers, Limestone, Bluestone Pavers, Slate Tile and Flagstone Pavers.

All Pavers Fade Over Time.  The weather in the Philadelphia area includes snow, rain, high humidity and moisture.  Also acid rain which results in mold, mildew, cracking, staining, weed growth and fungus which eats away as the surface of the pavers and results in broken, dirty and dull pavers.

Restoring Pavers to Original Beauty.  Restoration can be just replacing broken pavers but it also means the cleaning, repairing and sealing the pavers to give it that “new look”.  Over the past 20 years we’ve become experts at restoring pavers – this restoration will provide you with many years of enjoyment.

The Paver Restoration Process.  The restoration process includes cleaning the pavers with environmentally safe detergents specially designed for pavers.   Once cleaned we provide special sealants to prevent moisture and from penetrating the surfaces.   We also offer special sand or grout that seals the joints between the pavers reducing weed growth.

Manufacturers Claims.  Many manufacturers and installers claim their pavers look ‘new’ forever – the reality is that all pavers weather and require cleaning and powerwashing, to restore their “new” appearance. Sealing pavers is similar to waxing your car. The process restores the original beauty and protects them from future staining.

Products that Restore Beauty to Pavers.  We use a new system called – Seal ‘n Lock – which protects your pavers from the harsh weather and daily living. Offered exclusively through EP Henry Certified Sealing Specialists™, the Seal ‘n Lock System™:

  • Cleans and enhances your pavers in just 1 day!
  • Ecologically safe and child/pet friendly
  • Cleans sediments from natural elements like rain, snow, and rotting leaves
  • Available in matte finish or a richer sheen
  • Stain Protection

We can restore and repair your pavers – patio, walkway or driveway, or any exterior walkway surfaces and get them looking Squeeky Clean.

  • Garden & Retaining Walls
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Pool Decks
  • Driveways

Squeeky Clean Services – restoring pavers in suburban Philadelphia and the MainLine.  Please call us for a FREE Estimate!