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Home Gutter Ice Dam Removal

Gutter Ice Dam Removal

ice dam removal

What is an Ice Dam?

Those of us who grew up weathering the winters of New Jersey and Pennsylvania are no stranger to ice dams. For everyone else, ice dams are a solid ridge of ice that accumulates at the edge of a roof/gutter. The icicles that form are themselves dangerous, but there is another threat caused by ice dams: they keep melting snow from draining off the roof. Once an ice dam is formed, water will back up behind the dam, creating pressure on the roof and possible leaks.

To prevent roof leaks, and the resulting damage that comes from having moisture in the home (ruined floor, furniture, mold, etc.), it’s important to take care of ice dams as soon as possible. But it’s also important that this work is done by a professional. Working on a wet or slippery roof is dangerous and should be left to those who have been trained and have the proper equipment to do so.

How to Remove an Ice Dam

At Squeeky Clean, we’ve been safely performing roof work since 1986 and are fully capable and insured when it comes to ice dam removal. We know that there is only one safe way to remove an ice dam that won’t damage the underlying roof or gutter materials—the steaming method.

If you suspect that the accumulation of ice on your roofline might be hazardous to your roof, here are the steps you should take.


  • Check to see if the ice is preventing water from draining. Without getting up on the roof, observe the sides of your home near the icicles to see if water is dripping down the exterior of the house. Is water draining off your neighbors roof but not yours?
  • Call the professionals. Never attempt to remove an ice dam yourself. Call Squeeky Clean Services at 215-836-9274 and we’ll send a trained professional to take a look, assess your ice dam, and remove it safely.
  • Prevent ice dams in the future. It’s possible your ice dam was caused by uneven roof temperatures, which may have been caused by heat loss through your ceiling. Avoiding that heat loss may help you avoid ice dams.