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Flagstone and Slate Restoration

Published on January 17, 2013,

Flagstone and Slate Restoration Experts.

Squeeky Clean Services specializes in the cleaning, sealing and restoring and the installation of flagstone and slate.  Not only can we install a brand new walkway, patio but we also specialize in restoring your patio, walkway or driveway with environmentally friendly cleaning and sealers. Our cleaning techniques are ideal for all types of surfaces and for the removal of mildew, mold, stain, and fungus that keep your slate and flagstone surfaces from looking Squeeky Clean.

“Flagstone” refers to the cut of the stone.  Flagstone or slate are often large irregular shaped pieces of stone and large grout lines.  Sandstone and Slate is a sedimentary stone that is deposited as mountains are turned into sand grains by erosion. After time, the sand grains are compacted together and bonded together by minerals to form a solid rock.

Exterior Flagstone Treatment.  Exterior flagstone is very susceptible to flaking or spalling. Spalling is when water erodes the bonding molecules that hold the sand particles together and the sandstone starts to peel off in layers. If the stone is treated with sealer, spalling might never occur. Once spalling occurs — exposed to the elements — there is permanent damage that could have been avoided or delayed for decades instead of occurring in years.  We use contractor grade sealers, these sealing products are the  designed to last longer than something you can buy at your local home improvement store.


The sealers we use for Flagstone and Slate dry clear on the surface.  This creates a natural look that is cleanable and protects the stone from dirt , oil, mold ect. Depending on the application and the need of the customer, we have the option of using a penetrating sealer vs. a topical sealer.  There are several options when it comes to sealing stone, please let us know if you need our assistance.


The Right Way to Clean Flagstone.  Our Flagstone cleaning process is the best. We use a high volume of water and heat when needed. Green product are used when available and at the customers request. If you have missing or loose mortar joint we can provide an estimate to repair after it is clean. A slippery walk way or patio is dangerous especially when it is wet.

Please give us a call for a FREE Estimate on any Flagstone or Slate Installation or Restoration Job!