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Exterior Waterproofing


Waterproofing Residential Homes and Commercial Properties.  Squeeky Clean strives to provide a comprehensive line of the most up to date waterproof coating systems which combine to address all of a building owner’s waterproofing needs. We install a wide range of waterproofing sealers for concrete and masonry substrates, foundations, masonry walls, and EIFS veneers. Maintain the value of your investment with a seasonal assessment of your exterior building waterproofing needs.

Materials are porous and require waterproofing.   Materials like Brick, Concrete & Clap Paving, Engineered Concrete, Polished Porcelain, Slate, Limestone, Marble, Travertine, Sandstone and other Outdoor Surfaces are not generally waterproof.  To maintain and restore these products it is important to take care of the surface.  Staining is the most common problem when it comes to porous surfaces such as tile, stone, and paving. Whether you entertain people at your home or if you are a commercial property who has a high traffic of people coming through, appearance and presentation is important.

Waterproofing against more than just water.  Another common and serious problem can occur when water is allowed to move freely through the material. This water can carry salt, minerals and dirt which overtime can corrode, discolor, or even break up the surface.   Although it takes many years for damage to occur, similar damage is evident after less then a decade of materials being exposed to the extremes in weather and climate changes.

Protecting your home with the right products.  Sealers help protect your surfaces from these problems. Sealers offer specially engineered molecules that penetrate deeper into the pores and bond with them permanently. This creates a breathable barrier that does not allow water, salt, minerals, or dirt to pass through and cause the damage discussed above. Best of all the sealers can stand up to chemicals, traffic, sunlight and even pressure washing.


Here is the Squeeky Clean Team installing a drainage system on the foundation of a stucco home:


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