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Brick Restoration

 Montgomery County PA Chimney Repair


brick restoration

Masonry Restoration Experience.  Squeeky Clean and Shamrock Construction provide a multitude of masonry services.  We specialize in exterior restoration of homes and commercial properties, including but not limited to, chimney repair, brick patios, driveway and walkway repair.

Brick Pointing, Repair, Replacement and Sealing.  Restoration includes the cleaning, repair, pointing and sealing of exterior brick surfaces, walls, patios, etc.   Since brick is porous, it tends to absorb moisture over time. The original pointing can deteriorate which makes the brick more susceptible to attracting moisture.  The good news is that we can restore your brick.  Special cleaners which are safe for brick are used to remove the dirt, grime and pollution which build up over time.  Once the brick is cleaned, we re-point and replace broken bricks.  We often use a sealer to preserve and restore the brick to its original beauty.  All materials are safe and environmentally friendly.

Skilled Craftsmanship:   Our masonry restoration services are the result of skilled craftsmanship and a strong attention to detail.  As restoration specialists we can safely cut out, repair, and re-point all types of deteriorating masonry.  We can restore a structure of any size to its original beauty.

Our masonry restoration services include the following:

  • Brick, limestone, precast, terra cotta, and stone masonry restoration
  • Resetting, pinning, and repair of existing stones and anchors
  • Joint tuckpointing
  • Cleaning systems for masonry, stone, concrete, drivit, etc.
  • Historic masonry restoration and repair.

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